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Airset Air Conditioning based on the Coffs Coast is able to supply and install air conditioners for your home, office or industrial space.


Airset take the time to look at your needs and then can supply and install a split system, ducted or in-wall air conditioning unit that will work for your space ensuring that the temperature is at it’s optimum and the air conditioner is operating at efficiency, saving on your energy costs.


Unsure if you need a split system, ducted or in-wall  unit? Please see more information on our services page. repair


Airset supply air conditioners from the top repair manufacturers including Panasonic and can tailor a fully installed package to suit you.



split systems


Split system air conditioners are great for;


- heating and cooling individual spaces in your home repair

- compact spaces


A split system air conditioner is designed to be placed into individual areas or rooms within your home or business. This could be a bedroom, lounge room or kitchen. Split system air conditioners include a compressor which is installed outside your house and the unit that delivers the air into the room is normally wall mounted. repair harbour installation


Split systems are more economical than other types of air conditioners as you are only purchasing and installing one unit at a time and using less electricity than other types of air conditioning systems. repair harbour installation repair


Split systems are also great as they allow you to cool or heat the room you want to.  repair

Multi split air conditioning systems are ideal for;


- heating and cooling multiple rooms (the number is determined by how many units you have)

- homes and offices with limited space to install ducted air conditioning. repair harbour installation repair

- when you want to control room temperatures individually by room


multi split air conditioning system


A multi split system air conditioner lets you run multiple air conditioners with just the one outside installed compressor. This gives you individual cooling and heating control per room and is ideal when a member of the family or office prefers one air conditioning temperature and another prefers a different temperature.


The advantages of a split system air conditioner are its convenience, cost efficiency as you can run multiple or individual rooms and with just the one compressor unit installed outside, you can choose different inside units to match existing room or office decor.


You can also control and tailor the temperature to suit different rooms so everyone has their own ideal temperature. repair


ducted air conditioning systems


Ducted systems are ideal for; repair


- heating and cooling the entire home or office repair

- when you want a discreet look along with maximum comfort repair


A ducted air conditioner system use an outdoor compressor unit along with discreet indoor ducts concealed in your ceiling or under your floor. Flexible ducting distributes the air through vents installed throughout the home.   repair repair repair


The main advantages to ducted air conditioning systems are that it is discreet with only the controller and grilles visible throughout your home or office. As much of the system is hidden away, it is also the quietest of air conditioner systems. repair


Ducted air conditioning systems will greatly add to the value of your home. repair harbour installation


You also enjoy the flexibility to cool or heat every room and can zone control your home to save on running costs. repair


Ducted systems can be installed into a new home or it can be tailored to suit an existing home. repair harbour installation repair


service repair air conditioner


Airset Air Conditioning offers a repairs and servicing to air conditioners in domestic and commercial applications.


It is essential to keep air conditioners services to ensure they are running at optimum efficiency and are putting out clean air. repair


Ducted systems in commercial applications are recommended to be serviced at minimum every 12 months. Grime, dirt and buildup is removed to ensure that the system does not harbour bacteria which may cause sickness throughout your workplace.


If you have noticed an increase to your power bills, it is a great idea to book a service for your air conditioner to ensure it is not working harder than required due to build up. Doing this on a regular basis will pay for itself with reduced energy bills.


Airset Air Conditioning can repair most makes and types of air conditioners including replacement remote controls for ones which may have been lost or misplaced.


Contact Airset today to have a qualified specialist attend your home or workplace and service your system or diagnose any possible faults you may have.

Airset Air Conditioning services the Coffs Coast region from Yamba to Macksville.


We provide a quality service with licensed trades specialising in air conditioning and electrical work.


Mick Battye established Airset Air Conditioning in 2000 and for nearly 2 decades has been providing top quality installation and sales of air conditioner units in the region.


Airset Air Conditioning are able to provide the best brands at great prices rivaling many of the larger retailers. If you require a small split system, multi split system, ducted system or full commercial setup, Airset Air Conditioning will provide the right type of advice and will ensure the size of the unit matches the intended space to save you not only on the unit itself, but also on energy costs.


Selecting the correct size air conditioner is essential to ensure it is not working overtime to cool or heat a space and this will also ensure that from when the unit is switched on, the area will be quickly cooled or heated.


Airset Air Conditioning can be contacted during the building process for new home builders and a recommendation can be made as to the size and type of air conditioner unit required.


If you have a problem with an existing air conditioning unit, Airset offer repair and servicing to correct any break downs and to give you an honest assessment of the service life of your air conditioning unit.


Free quotes are provided.